Development Install#

Installing with invoke#

First, create a virtualenv for the project using python, conda, virtualenvwrapper, or whichever manner you choose.

Once it’s created, make sure your venv is active. This project uses the invoke task runner to automate development tasks, and we’ll use it to establish your environment. At this time, the tasks are configured to work in a linux (and probably mac osx) environment.

# clone the repository
git clone
cd nycschools

# install the development requirements
pip install -r requirements.txt

# run the development install task
invoke install-dev

Manual dev install#

If invoke isn’t working for you or you are setting up on windows, you can get up and running with these steps:

  1. Get the repo: git clone

  2. Move into the project directory.

  3. Create a venv for your project.

  4. Install the project requirements with pip or conda. These are found in requirements.txt

  5. Install the library from source in development mode: pip install -e nycschools

  6. Download the data from:

  7. Create a new folder called nyc-schools and extract the contents of nycschools-data.7z into nyc-schools