Educational Technology Integrated Thesis Project

Educational Technology 0858-793

Keywords: thesis, research, multimedia, learning sciences, master piece

lego figure shooting a movie

The integrated thesis project of the Master’s of Arts in Educational Technology is the culminating experience of a student’s time in the program, and displays the range of new knowledge and abilities they have acquired during their studies.

All thesis projects:

There is no fixed format for the project — we encourage creative and innovative ideas. Frequently, thesis projects fall into one of these broad categories:

Projects vary and should be designed in collaboration with the student’s advisor. The best projects focus on an area of intense interest to the student, and serve to forward the students’ professional goals; whether those goals are to change careers, advance in their current profession, or continue studying at the doctoral level.

Registering for the thesis project

You do not register for EDT 793 through CLASS. You must register by submitting a proposal to your advisor by completing the EDT 793 Thesis Proposal Form.

Often, the best way to start a proposal is to send a few ideas to your advisor. Think about:

You can start writing down 3-5 different ideas, sharing them with friends and mentors, and sending them to your faculty advisor(s). These ideas can start the conversation around your thesis project and lead to the eventual proposal.

In general, creating a website is not sufficient for a thesis project. If you propose to create a video, it should be on a topic with scarce resources, and the video should be “professional” quality for an instructional technologist/multimedia producer.

Completing the thesis project

The thesis project is completed individually. There are no class meetings or regularly scheduled assignments. Your adviser will help you set goals, create a timeline, and provide guidance and feedback as needed. The thesis is pass / fail — you should present periodic drafts/prototypes to your adviser to ensure that you are on track.