Adelphi University Master's of Arts in Educational Technology
100% online
7 core courses ~ 3 electives ~ 1 thesis
Reporters with various forms of 'fake news' from an 1894 illustration by Frederick Burr Opper EDT 501 Digital Literacies and 21st Century Skills
a wireframe EDT 503 Technology and Instructional Design
4 female programmers in front of an early computer EDT 604 Technology and Society
Python intertwined snakes and text on white field CSC 602 Introduction to Computer Programming
illustrated raspberry pi EDT 606 Educational Information Systems and Networks
html and markdown code for the csc 602 syllabus EDT 603 Programming Web-Based Educational Media
data modeling in SPSS software EDT 618 Research and Evaluation of Educational Technology
welcome to AI studio EDT 620 Educator’s Multimedia Studio
comic of Dick Tracy and his smart watch EDT 612 Mobile Learning
screen from kerbal space program simulator EDT 611 Learning with Video Games
person at computer EDT 610 Online Learning
social media icons as polaroids EDT 613 Teaching with Social Media
digital charts EDT 791 S/T Learning analytics
illustration of film strips EDT 791 S/T The art of digital storytelling with video
lego figure shooting a movie EDT 793 Integrated Thesis